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Hello guys!

I got this 1768 Poltina,I ll say F-VF and a bit overweight 13,10g . It has some ugly scratches,aparenlty old ones and some new. Considering that s a quite hard to find coin and its condition,what will be a fair price for it?. i allready pay and I want to know if I payd to much.You guys are more experienced and I ll appreciate your opinion.

Thank you in advance!

Mihai Zaharencu.

poltina 1768 021.JPG

poltina 1768 024.JPG

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Well, these estimates are very arbitrary. The thing about this type of coin is that it is a desirable and scarce type, and would be quite expensive in undamaged condition. At the same time lots of people do not have this type present in their collections (like me), and wouldn't mind getting a problem coin at a reasonable price. The arbitrary part is determining what is reasonable to you. :)

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