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I tried to bid but failed... on a forged coin...


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I am probably being ridiciously silly but I didn't even manage to get a bid on that coin in the last few seconds - I wasn't expecting such high bids :ninja:




Nevertheless, the seller's description was very interesting, in saying how the Finnish Numismatic Society that he bought in 1990 claimed that it was original and still has the catalogue...


*sigh* I didn't make it ;)

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Yup, I know that. Just suprised that the bid went ridiciously high even for such counterfeit... I guess it must be the catalogue of the FNS that drove the prices to this high. *sigh*



:ninja: The catalogue???? It is only a few pages in the center of the quarterly FNS journal, which itself is nothing fancy: staple bound printing paper with a few glossies of coin pics. My issues only go back to 2001. Perhaps I should go browse the library of FNS some time and take a look. I can only guess that in 1990, the journal was even less sophisticated.

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