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Sweden-Poland Peace medal. Copy.

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I've just received this:


1412338146_2086016137_sweden.jpgUploaded at Snapagogo.com


Greenwich Maritime Museum describe it thus:



Medal commemorating the peace between Charles XII and Stanislas. Obverse: The arms of Sweden and Poland, side by side, crowned and joined with a garland above and palm branches below. Legend: 'VIRTUTE CONCORDES CONCORDIA INVICTI'. Exergue: 'SVECIAE ET POLONIAE REGNORVM AETERNVM FOEDVS'. Reverse: Starboard quarter view of a three-masted ship under sail, tossed in a rough sea. The stars Castor and Pollux above (left) and (right). Legend: 'LUCIS SPES CERTA SERENAE'. Exergue: 'CAROLI XII STANISL: AETERNA AMICITIA'.



Made 1704


Mine is a copy. Possibly silver wash on copper, but probably nickel plated. I'm sure of the copper part as the edge has been acid tested, despite being marked as a copy. Which leads me to my question. It seems that KOPIA means copy in both Swedish and Polish, so can anyone identify this edge mark for me?


1412338140_1597779079_DSCN0374.JPGUploaded at Snapagogo.com


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I cannot help with the edge markings but the 2 stars Castor & Pollux(patrons of sailors) represent Charles XII & Stanislas "LUCIS SPES CERTA SERENAE" (lighting the way with certain hope to clear weather)


With the stars(Castor & Pollux) to guide you I hope you decipher the edge marks, good luck :friends:

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I've found out from Pat that KOPIA MET denotes a Polish origin

Preliminary enquiries indicate that it was probably made in 1904, ostensibly to mark the 200th Anniversary of the treaty. It may in fact have been part of a growing Polish nationalist resentment towards their Russian masters.

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