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An Auction House

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Hi, guys



discussing lately auction results and auction houses' procedures with my friends I've decided to apply my "daily" skills and dig a little deeper.


Everyone is familiar with the Sixbid platform. One of the auction houses advertized there (La Galerie Numismatique) conducts auctions at least 3-4 times a year BUT VERY RARELY PUBLISHES THE RESULTS.


For example, there are 19 auctions for this auction house listed on Sixbid and only 6(!) have the results published. It is very easy to manipulate the unaware public then.


I would place a big "?" on this kind of manipulation; and I am really surpised that there was no public "cry" on this issue.


What do you think ?

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You are right; smth. is fishy in Denmark.


If you are concerned with auction transparency, you should be asking a bigger question: which published results are results and which are 'results'. Can you tell?

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