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Mardi Gras tokensI just picked up

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I wonder if the "Gay Masqueraders" of est in 1951 had the same connotation that it would have today?

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I wouldn't think so since it was a happy state or condition relating to fun and gaiety back in olden times of the 50's I see the news is now referring to the community as LBGTQ instead of LBGT as they have done around here for a number of years. The Q was added according to google to represent Queer which was a no no till recently or "Questioning their gender preference". Hell you need a score card to keep up with all the Alphabet text soup PC stuff the media comes up with.

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Somebody on another forum see below, But his dad might have it It won't let me copy and repost on here

Yep, I have about 20,000 or so, but it pales in comparison to my old mans collection which is essentially complete and has well over 1,000,000 total pieces. This is my haul from this past Mardi Gras.

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