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Mardi Gras tokensI just picked up

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More nice tokens. I'm guessing you can build quite a nice collection at this rate. Please keep sharing them with us.

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Yep got a good assortment in one bulk buy. Not bad considering that were are a bit of a distance from NOLA. From a post on another site I believe that a hoard or NOS of a maker of the tokens was sold out or is being sold off currently.

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Yes there is a train, and some ship ones that caught my eye, I then ended up going thru the whole bin and left him with 3 of the doubles of the more unattractive ones. :bthumbsup: Waiting to see if he gets anymore in. I do know that they aren't being ordered and thrown to the general public any more since the cost of the metal ones have skyrocketed according to a person that has a friend that is a big wheel with a krewe in NOLA.

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This is a blue anodized one, some of the colored ones have a reeded edge, and are thicker than the plain aluminum ones. I have no idea why the difference other than the colored ones ones may be presentation ones.


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They do commemorate some strange things on the doubloons, do not know if he was famous in NOLA.

I did some googling and found out this. Yes but not only the date he was gored to death, but the name of the bull that did it! I wondered if the bull was more famous. He is considered by some to be the greatest bullfighter of all time. And killed in Spain after killing 5 bulls in one day. So I guess the subject matter might be considered some what suspect, in their reasons for inclusions.
The things I have learned from tokens.



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