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Mardi Gras tokensI just picked up

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Very nice series. You've got a terrific collection there. I hope that you'll find some ways to add to it over time. Thanks so much for sharing it with us.

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The William Shatner is quite rare in that colour.

He is rare in any color! he was a real hoot on a show called the captains on netflix, and a couple of other shows about trekies on it, and his appearance on the pickers show. I will take any color!

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Interesting article here on H. Alvin Sharpe, who is said to have incented the doubloon as a lightweight "throw" for the crewes. His monogram HAS appears on many of his items, and I noticed it on a few of yours. You did good.



Very interesting, I have booked it for future need. Will Have to keep a better look out for his sig.

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I recently came into a deal on an older album of a Mardi Gras doubloon collection, in addition to about 100 loose ones.The first batch some are from an interesting assortment of groups some from parades other than Mardi Gras, Like St. Patties day, navy, other civic groups, business I don't know if they allow any parade floats other than the Krewes and groups in. Off course since there will be more than one person standing on the side of the route the politicians have gotten in the act with doubloons.
reverses the same


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I wonder what the rocket on the coin signifies

Sometimes the designs signify nothing more than Then the theme for the float or parade. They can also have some tie in to the space industry, as it is near Gulfport/Bouluxi Miss.

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Yep I thought I would start with the org's other then the Krewes that are normally found on the throws from the floats. They will go nicely with my masonic pennies and a masonic art bar I picked up this morning. :elephant::clown2:

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http://www.mausoleums.com/portfolio/elks-tumulus/ here ya go I had to look it up too!


Now that's interesting. Thanks for taking the effort to look it up and share the info.

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