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Vespasian Dupondius - genuine or fake?

Hiberno Rex

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I'm hoping someone may be able to help?A Vespasian dupondius I purchased several years ago has been bugging me for quite some time now!Despite being reassured by the dealer who sold me the coin,I'm not convinced it's genuine,but I could be wrong?The dealer contacted a more experienced collector friend for an appraisal and he seemed to be confident that it was genuine.I've attached a couple of images and am hoping someone can have a look and give me their opinion.You can see what looks like pitting on the surface of both sides of the coin.You can also see what looks like a suspicious blob attached to the 'V' of the name Vespasian on the legend of the obverse side.I'm not an experienced coin collector,but thought these anomalies had the hallmarks of a cast fake,but again I'm not sure.

Any help would be deeply appreciated.


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My first instinct is that it's okay. There's casting bubbles and then there's pitting. And to me, this looks like pretty standard pitting.

Thanks a million ccg!

I've attached a better image of the obverse side of the coin - it's a bit sharper.Is it possible that the coin was cleaned and what we're looking at(the pitting) is where there was once some corrosion?To be honest,I would have been very surprised if the dealer I purchased it from was selling fakes(although I know a few good fakes can slip through the net).Again,many thanks for your help.



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Well, I'm just one opinion. The blue/purple hues seem a bit weird, though that might be the lighting.

Yeah ccg,it's probably just the lighting - what you see as blue/purple is in fact a black colour. I'm hoping to sell the coin(I am currently selling other roman imperial coins),but I obviously don't want to knowingly or otherwise dupe anyone.I think really what I want to know is,if it were for sale would experienced coin collectors have any doubts about its authenticity from what you see in the above images?That's an unfair question I suppose - what I really need is others here to comment too.Hopefully other forum members will contribute.You've been most helpful ccg and thanks a million!

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