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A rather odd 20p, can anyone explain this?

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I think I may have found a 20p with a dodgy planchet. I was about to stick this in a vending machine when I noticed it and had a look. The coin appears to have a gouge out of it, however the surface of the gouge appears rough and has no direction to indicate it was scraped. Additionally along the raised edge the indentation has taken part of the pattern, which surely would have been scraped out too if this had happened after pressing. I may be wrong but it appears to me that the planchet was damaged before the coin was stuck. Another thought is that perhaps some foreign object was pressed along with the coin causing an odd indention.


So what do you guys think? Post prediction damage or an error? Sorry about the photo's I only have an iPhone for a camera at the moment.

Photo 09-03-2014 12 01 52.jpg

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It is rather odd. I couldn't venture a guess on the origins of the gouge. Perhaps someone will be along who can give us more info.

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