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Error £2 pounds coin ..

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Hi, good evening everybody.


I started collect coins from UK couple years ago and special intressted of £2 pounds coins. Yesterday I bought £2 pound Silver Proof Piedfort London to Rio 2012 on Ebay . I saw error After see the coin with magnifying glass x 10 , all them I have checked say " I CALL UP ...." and the coin I bought yestarday have " I CAIL UP.... there are " I " instead " L " .

Anyone know if are more people with same error..


Many thanks


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Hi good morning

I uploaded yesteday 3 pictures to Member's Gallery.

The pictures are very clear , is not difficult to see there are only 1 " L " because the coin is bit big compare to others normal coins. I also uploaded 1 picture from normal £2 coin to compare the letters ..

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The images are in the gallery. It looks like the edge lettering was partially obscured leaving the tail off one of the "L"s and also a weak bottom on the preceeding "A".



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Is strange , they say Piedfort coins is like gem, minting quality should be much better than other coins ,
and this one miss one leg on letter L. :hysterical: ..Should I complain against Royal Mint and ask one with leg on letter ( L ) ...LOL.LOL.

Anyway, many thanks for your opinion about coin.




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