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Real? Fake? Brass? Gold?

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Found this token. I am curious as to whether anyone knows for sure who/what this is. It has the markings of a gold ducat but it is undated and advertised as a brass spiel marke. I find it odd because normally spiele marke tokens are marked as such right? I know there were fake 1752 ducats circulating around but those were marked with the yr 1752 whwereas this one has no date. It also says Franc. (Franz I or II)

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From http://www.treasurenet.com/forums/what/122536-heres-intresting-old-one.html perhaps they made some sans date?


"The date is 1752, and for those with poor eyesight the lettering around the edge (face) reads: FRANC.D.G.REG A.GER.IER.REX the back reads: TU DOMINE SPES MEA.1752
Oh dear...!! It seems as though my fortune is NOT about to be made with the sale of this coin. I am very sad and unhappy to inform you all that it's identity is now solved. It was, apparently, a gimmick - put out by Readers Digest about 1990."


http://coinquest.com/cgi-bin/cq/coins?main_coin=9495 mentions the undated ones & shows a picture of the genuine coin next to a copy.

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lol well it only cost like $7-8 so figured what the heck... the design on this is different from the known forgeries (which were not brass from what I have gathered) so I am thinkin this might be an older counter token of some sort as the seller described. Either that or I just bought a $7 paperweight.

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