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Imperial Russian gold 5 Rouble coin. How does it cost ?


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Imperial Russian gold 5 Rouble coin. How does it cost ?




The picture which you shown first is:


Lot 4194


RUSSIA. 5 Rubles, 1862. PF-SP'. Sev-476; Fr-146. Alexander II. Rare. Light hairlines, well-set gold toning. NGC graded Proof 64.

Estimated Value $1,500 - 2,000.

Realized $2,300

from Golberg Auction 5 of June 2000.


It is probably the best known coin of this date and now may cost somewhere near $15-$20K.


It is senseless to show picture of some coin (which you found in the web) when you want to know price of your coin.

It's like you want to know the price of your car (after 5 years of daily use and 100K miles) but show the picture of some other car of same make and model from catalogue, does it make any sense?


I made pictures of my coin, the quality is not the same as the picture of the catalog, but I hope it is good.


Price depends on condition very much, so your coin may cost 10 times less than the example which you've shown in your first post.

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guys .... I suggest everybody to fall back on a more cheap choose :) like my new purchase ....

I am still talking of 5 roubles gold ... but from 1900 :):)




however, we cannot compare of course but I prefer doubtless coins from Nicholas II rather than those from Alexander ... a matter of taste :)



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