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  1. there was a mistake ... the tolerance was 1/10 of gram.... I guess all should be ok ..... ))
  2. Ok the cleaning does nto worry me a lot. It is not so bad and I cannot see lines or scratches... the problem is ... the tolerance ! 0.015 grams ... are too much or not ? It looks cleaned for a start but I cannot comment on the authencity. It looks good but again, I am not well versed in this type of coinage. I have read a thread here regarding 10 roubles gold, in which a member of the forum was explaining that each he gold coins were weighted that time .. and the maximum tolerance could be 0.01 grams ...
  3. Hi guys, I need your help. I would have the possibility to buy the following roubles, it looks very nice but the price is too low in my opinion.. I have asked the guy who is selling to provide me with a picture of the weighted rouble ... he did it ! at the end, this rouble would weight 6,53 grams ...while in some on line catalogue I have seen that the real weight should be 6.544 grams ... can you help me ?? do you know which is the tolerance for that roubles ? if it is original ... how much it would worth? thanks a lot ! Giuseppe
  4. Do you believe a dealer would not charge of his/her profit the coin? maybe it would be better to approach some auctioneer .. or to try with the good, old but efficient ebay
  5. My God... some of them very nice and attractive Do I have chance to know how much money have you spent for each of them ? For instance .. is the Maria Theresa Thaler a restrike or not ? how much did you pay for it ? thanks !
  6. HI GUYS ! I would like to tell you hurry up ! but please, have a look at the following link http://www.royalmint.com/shop/UK_2013_20_pound_for_20_pound_Fine_Silver_Coin_George_and_the_Dragon the booking process is on-going, I have bought my 20 pounds in silver ! you get what you pay... finally 20 vs 20 ! actually the advertising warns that already 100.000 pieces have gone ... but I really like this coin and I could not leave it ! (mintage 250.000 ) bye Giuseppe
  7. Actually the above rouble is very populare , look at the following : Type: Russian Silver Rouble USSR Origin: russia Era / Ruler: Union of Soviet Socialist Republics Issued from: 1924 Alignment: Reverse: Two figures walking right, radiant sun rising at right Obverse: National arms divides circle with inscription within Edge: Cililic (18 grams 43.21d) Composition: Silver Weight(g): 19.9960g Weight(Oz): Fineness: 0.9000 Net Content: 0.58 Oz (18.00g Mintage: 26,559,000 but also I like it so much and I own a couple
  8. Nice coin but common one, it is a rouble 1924 (один рубль) = one rouble
  9. It should be a BEZZO of 6 bagattini) look at the following: (copper 3,89 G) Law of 22 January 1605 Obverse: Half-length facing Madonna with Child on right, R. C. - L. A. arching from upper left to upper right, value '6' in exergue Reverse: Half-length facing figure of St. Mark I have it at home ))
  10. It should be a BEZZO of 6 bagattini) look at the following: (copper 3,89 G) Law of 22 January 1605 Obverse: Half-length facing Madonna with Child on right, R. C. - L. A. arching from upper left to upper right, value '6' in exergue Reverse: Half-length facing figure of St. Mark
  11. Of course mihai, the price is the first indicator of a fake. I have seen so many roubles original reaching incredible prices that I would rather avoid purchases like that you did. Anyway, for that money is better to invest in some good Kopeck of Ekaterina from 1700's at least you can find pieces in very good conditions and when you plan to resell you find the buyer
  12. Yes 'neat' I guess is aUNC .... what do you think about?
  13. is it possible to know from where did you buy it and how much did you pay ? there are a lot of fakes around, especially of poltine and roubles ancient ... on the other hand ... sorry, but to produce such a scrap of counterfeited coin .... is it worth?
  14. guys .... I suggest everybody to fall back on a more cheap choose like my new purchase .... I am still talking of 5 roubles gold ... but from 1900 however, we cannot compare of course but I prefer doubtless coins from Nicholas II rather than those from Alexander ... a matter of taste
  15. Actually you are right, however I liked at first sight and .. decided to buy Maybe outside Denmark are not collected much, but for a collector of northern EU countries coins , in my opinion, it is worth have it .
  16. Hi there, I have recently bought a 5 roubles coin 1900 and 1901 , the mintage is quite high and are not rare at al but we are talking of gold and in any case I find them charming due to the presence of Nicholas II portrait Who is sharing with me the interest in such a coins? I find today more interest in 1 rouble coins from collector, however I believe they are a good investment for future, and in view of gold price uptrend. do not you think so ?
  17. I believe BU is really difficult to find, especially from 1903 and at a reasonable price. 'only' 103,392 circulated. by the way i have paid almost 200$. I hope ...it was worth!!
  18. Yep, actually I also believe it was cleaned. Anyway I agree , almost UNC is , definitely, its grade
  19. nice history and nice way to tell it .... by the way the imperial russian army, at that time, was really a prestigious entity ....
  20. The 20 k is fine ...but sorry I do not like how the 10k looks like ....
  21. gx ... you lucky man (or forward-looking...) ! recently I was aiming at one ruble 1922 like yours ...UNC and even some more grade .... the final price was around 400 euro !! I dropped off ....
  22. Hi there, I have bought recently this nice coin. Basically, I am not interested in northern EU old silver coins but this attracted really my attention ... Does anybody know more about this piece? I would like to know your standpoint on the grade. It was sold as UNC. What do you think about ? thanks ! Giuseppe
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