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Genuine or Fake 1822 Crown?


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I've just acquired a little box with what appears to be an 1822 Crown embedded in the lid. What I would like to know, if anyone can help me with the coin still in place, is whether the feeling is that it is either genuine or a fake. It is not magnetic and it is the correct size.


If the feeling is that it is genuine then is it worth trying to remove it? It has probably been cleaned regularly and the condition is probably only Fine. If the advice is to remove it, then would cutting it out and soaking it in acetone do the trick do you think?


Many thanks





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Mario, welcome to the forum. :art:


The crown definitely looks genuine from the photos but would not be worth much at all if removed as I suspect it'll be covered on the obverse by an adhesive. Even if the obverse was not damaged it is not in the best of grades. My inclination would be to leave it in the lid.

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