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GOTT SEGNETE DIE VEREINIGTEN HEERE(God bless the allied armies)

BEFREIUNG VON STETTIN D. 5 DEC. 1813(Liberation of Stettin)

Silver 15mm. By Loos, Daniel Freidrich (1735-1819)


One from a large set commemorating the allies victories.(Lünebourg, - Spandau, - Görschen, - Bautzen, - Hanau, - Luckau, - Grossburen, - Katzbach, - Lubnitz et Belzig, - Culm, - Deunewitz, - Roslau, - Traversée de l'Elbe, - Dresde, - Möckern, - Leipzig, - Hanau, - Entrée à Hannovre, - Brême, - Hocheim, - Le Prince de Hesse-Cassel reprend sa résidence, - Entrée à Amsterdam, - Stettin, - Lubeck, - Le duc de Brunswick reprend sa résidence, - Neuchatel, - Prise de Genève)


Stettin, Prussia(now in Poland), a port city on the Oder River near the Baltic Sea lying 120 kilometers north-northeast of Berlin. It was one of the three great fortresses on the Oder.
1806-1813 Stettin was under Napoleon's control.
1813 March 1st French abandon the line of the Oder, leaving isolated garrisons in Stettin (Szcecin), KŸstrin (Kostryzn), Glogau (Glogow) and Spandau.
1813 March 18th the Prussians lay seige to Stettin.
1813 late March, all French forces left Pomerania, except for Stettin.
1813 Nov 30th. The French garrison of Stettin offers surrender.
1813 Dec 5th Prussian General Von Plötz(commander of the blockade of Stettin) becomes Commandant of Stettin. Although the terms of the capitulation stipulated that the French were to be allowed to return to France, Friedrich Wilhelm III ordered that the commissaries among them were to be interned as they had behaved unworthily during the siege.
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Just any that I come across, provided that are not too expensive. Vern only managed to acquire 3 (2 in silver, 1 brass) different ones from the set, they are pretty hard to find, he called the silver ones extremely rare and command quite a premium, the last one on Ma-Shops went for over $200(though it was in better condition than mine) which is too steep for me!


The Stettin & the Lubeck(strategically less important) are both dated the same day 5 Dec. 1813, when the remaining besieged & isolated French troops left German soil for the last time before Napoleon's abdication & exile to Elba so they do mark a highly significant & symbolic turning point, so if I only manage to acquire the Stettin it is the one that would have picked.


Plus, as you might have noticed, I am getting more into collecting renaissance medals at this time but if another in the set appears on Ebay I would have a bid.

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Quite a piece of history in that medal, and a nice bit of education provided by you in accompaniment.


I've seen a few of that series on ebay in the past six months or so but have managed to keep my focus on french jetons :)

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The British Peninsular War series(BHM#888 the set, plus individually BHM#s), which copies Loos' design of the victory angel with BY THE MERCY OF GOD replacing the German inscription is a much easier option for being able to collect a complete set of this type of Napoleonic 15mm medal, less rare & relatively a bit cheaper too as they were only struck in brass, not silver. Here is one of Vern's from that series . I would not recommend anyone trying to complete the Prussian 1813 series in silver, unless they have deep pockets :) buy British brass instead! I won the Stettin over Ebay it cost me the grand sum of 6.50GBP + shipping, boy was I suprised!



For me I think 1 or 2(Leipzig would be my next choice) examples would be enough, seeing as all the obverses are exactly the same & the reverses are just simple inscriptions, so unless someone is really into the Napoleonic Wars either set would not offer too much more, to a casual collector, than just the odd example.

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sounds like you made a steal there. A nice reward for your investment in knowledge........ and a step towards the `Honorary Scot' accolade. :)


I agree with your take on these pieces. A couple of examples is probably just right for the casual collector.. No doubt, with your superb sleuthing skills, you will manage to acquire a `Leipzig' in due course.

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British Victories in the Peninsula War series BHM#888, brass 15mm medals all with the same obverse, Victory flying, 1. BY THE MERCY OF GOD, the reverses are inscribed with a military action and the date. They were manufactured by Thomson & Jones.



BHM list each medal separately.

Here are a few more of Elverno's (Vern)





His web-site NapoleonicMedals.org is unfortunately off-line.

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