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Hello all. I'm fairly new to collecting coins, but I do enjoy stacking silver. I recenlty came across a 1976 Lenningrad Mint set with a 1980 Olympic stamp program booklet. These coins are in the regular "red wrapped " plastic hard case. I've had a few conflicting pricing values on these coins. I think this is around the value of these coins. I'm placing a wide range on these since they are still incased and the true face of the coin is unknown (without looking through plastic).

1 Kopek- $.20-.25

2 Kopek- .$10-.15

3 Kopek- .$10-.15

5 Kopek- $.10-.15

15 Kopek- $.10-.15

20 Kopek- $135.00-325.00 Is this really true? Is this a semi rare?

50 Kopek- $8.00-25.00

1 Rouble- $3.00-15.00

$100.00-275.00 with 1975 edge variant

All these are USD only I dont know the conversion rate to another currency.

All the coins appear to be in very good condition, no acid etching from the cardboard divider. No visible scratches or wear marks. So am I close on these or fare off the value? So if the values are correct any ideas on handling these. Should I break up the set and have the coins graded/ slabbed? I know I would have to remove the Rouble to see if it had the variant.


Also any ideas on the stamps ?? I know this is a coin forum but I can not find any info on these.


I find it wierd ( maybe just a marketing idea someone had???) that the coin holder has both Russain and English. Russain coin value translated to English on the "red cardboard" coin wrap. With the stamps only have English discriptions. The mints set is from 1976 and the stamps are from 1980. But the stamps have a 1976 copyright. I can try to add some pictures if anyone is interested but I will have to figure out how to add on this forum.

Thanks in advance for the looks and replys.

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How many photos are you wanting to load? If it's not too much you can email them to me and I'll upload them to my flickr account and post them here. Do you have an Omnicoin account?

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photos would help definitely, BTW, welcome to coinpeople !

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Here is the coin holder. Regular hard plastic, good shape, not all rubbed up or cracked. All the coins appear to be near mint without any acid etching from the holder. I dont think these were just thrown together because there is a 3rd cover that holds both the stamps and the coins. It has a little Olympic symbol on the cover, with no other writings. So hope this helps!! I'm really excited to see the replies!!! And btw thanks for the welcome.


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a presence of both languages, russian and english, is because these sets were minted to be sold outside of russia those days

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Pretty certain this is worth a fair bit more than what many may think. Most mint sets come in yellow or green casing but red cases are made especially for export and to commemorate the Moscow Olympics. Not terribly rare but not common. I think I have one hiding somewhere in my hoard of coins. What scarcer is a red mint set issued in 1977.


I'm pretty certain this can go over 200 dollars easily. The only problem is, you can only get the best price if you happen to have a collector that collects both coins and stamps and really understand the scarity of this. Most coin collectors only want the coins and stamp collectors only want the stamps.


Basok has one for sale at 350 dollars - has been sitting on his website for sale for a while so that price might be on the higher side.

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last year I had 1976 set in yellow plastic at $29.95 - no one wanted ( sold for $25.00)

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So thanks for the replies. I looked up what you found on the Rusttupennies website, thats cool that it had a signed Jesse Owens pic with it.


I was wondering do you think I should bust it open to look for the Rouble error?

And if so any ideas on opening without distroying the case?


I'm not sure I did to bad I bought this set with some other silver Canadian Olympic sets and already sold them for $120.00 over what I had in all the coins. So I have nothing in it!! And still have 2 1999 US Silver mint sets $85-100 ea and these. So I should be up nicely! Wish I could do that every day!!!

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