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Looking for a good SAFE


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I've thought about this a number of times and did quite a bit of research. I finally decided to spend my money on safe-deposit boxes at the local bank branch I trust. I know this probably doesn't help but safes are in many cases just like peanuts to squirrels. I've seen people having safes delivered. Or worse throwing away the packaging. Small safes are easy to open or carry away. Big safes attract way too much attention. For small amounts of stuff, I'd suggest a hideaway for temp storage at home and the safe-deposit box approach to things.

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I keep all my assorted junque in a series of SDB's in a series of different institutions. Just too much stuff. I agree with Art, safes are an invitation to thieves. Anything $100 or less is going to be very easily defeated by a thief. Spend that money on an SDB and rest assured.

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Previous replies sort of says it all. Just get a safe deposit box or two if necessary. To play safe I keep all my expensive coins in those. A safe if nice but there are some drawbacks.

1. When delivered many neighbors see that and the stories spread on how you need one to store your MILLIONS.

2. Once peopel know you have a ssfe in the house, criminals will find out and it is amazing on how a gun to your head makes is open.

3. Safes are normally fire and water proof. HOWEVER, they do get hot in a fire. Anything and everything in one that is plastic will melt. Slides in an Album, TPGS slabs, inserts in 2x2's, all will melt on your coins.

4. When you close a safe you seal in the moisture which eventually attacks your coins. A moisture absorber must always be added to a safe. And remember that every time you open a safe, new air goes in.

5. A large safe must be hidded well if you have people over. Otherwise the stories will spread as to you have so much money you need a safe.

6. When you move there will probably be an extra charge for moving a large sare. And now the movers too know you have millions in that thing.

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I agree a $100 safe isn't going to stop most thieves, it may stall them if bolted to the floor but that's about it. Simple hiding spots can work better for you, if you have a closet or pantry make a false wall. You can remove a baseboard and make a storage space behind it. Under your sink you can removed the bottom of your cabinet floor, simply hide your stuff, replace the wood and throw some cleaning bottles and a plunger on top. The options are endless.

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