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Real or fake: 5 kopeks 1853

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I found out it's fake. Can be closed.

Dag Dingendoener en welkom! 1853 is the rarest and most expensive date. As Russian coins have been booming for quite some years, everybody in Russia is aware thereof. Of course any flea market dealer will look into one of their good and cheap catalogs first. Chances to buy a real coin below value are very dim. Your coin looks suspicious because of the strange uneven (=artificial?) toning. A sharp closeup could tell more.

NOW MY QUESTION: HOW DO YOU KNOW THAT IT IS FAKE? Please tell us what you found out :bhyper:

Thank you, Sigi

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This is not an extremely clear example, but I'd say it is a fake. I am not going to be passing quick judgement on this one though. I had a few drinks now, so, let me come back to it later. Uneven toning is possible on a real coin as well, it's the stamp qualities that we need to assess as Alix rightfully noted. I am yet to compare it to the known fakes, if I find some.


Here is one example for you to compare to, it is a real coin:







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