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2004 P Handshake error?


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Hi all, while roll searching Canadian nickels today I came across this American nickel I haven't seen before.. I found once auction on ebay that was the same coin, he called it a hand shake error and claimed only 2000 are known to exist, so got exited after I seen that.


My coin is a US nickel 2004 P, on the reverse it has Louisiana purchase with a hand shake but its upside down compared to the obs.


sorry no photo's (no cam/scanner) but my opinion on a grade would be MS63 but with a small scratch on each side.


Does any one know an estimated value for this coin?, think this may be my best find to date from roll searching.


Once I can get a better holder for it will take it down to a local shop and get better idea on the grade.

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From what you describe you have what is commonly refered to as a "Peace Nickel", No error unless there is something more specific.


These were released in the first half of 2004 as circulation nickels. The revers and obverse or flipped, as moddern US coins are.


People collect these so good examples go for a small primium, but becasue you can get them from the bank and in circ, its not a lot.



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Thanks, thats to bad got my hopes up over nothing. Auct I was looking at is this one..




but I see it now, miss read, his error is on the date it self.. I thought the error was the side with the date being upside down. Our coins are not like that so looked wrong to me.

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