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Brass jeton in need of an ID

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Well done Pat. These XV century French jetons are known by their different obverses (crown, lamb of God, king's portrait, etc.). This one is a jeton "à l'écu de France." I'm looking in Feuardent for the catalogue number.

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Your cruise has done you the world of good Pat, your eyes are certainly better than mine.

The reverse is almost a perfect match. Where the Mitchiner has:


mine has a clearly struck and preserved P.

l can't wait to see what a month in oil will do

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I think you are mistaken about the number of fleur de lis there are obverse. I think there are six...there are certainly more than



If i'm right, then it looks to me to be the spitting image of Rouyer 1161 (of which there are quite a number of variants) :)


They appear in CGB's `jetons XX' - jetons et mereaux du moyen age.


the description is given as (obverse): AVE MARIA . GRACIA . PLENA (shield with six f de l within a rosace of six lobes)

(reverse): AVE MARIA : GRACIA P (the `colon' punctuating the legend consists of two small stars) In

the centre a cross `fleurdelisee' (ie a f de l on each point) with a f de l at its centre.


Jetons XX is dated 2004 and gives a value for a Fine example as 7 euro.


The variations are in relation to the legends .i cant fully read yours with certainty, but it is certainly Rouyer 1161 or a variant of it. I

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I can see the colon punctuating the reverse legend (ie MARIA : GRACIA) on the reverse. if you look closely you'll see that it is actually two small star shapes. No need for a microscope if i can see it .......and i'm as blind as a bat without my glasses :)

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Not all variants have the crown However may I suggest you look for Rouyer 1160 (my apologies, now that i've put my glasses on :)) That reference is the appropriate fit.


Unfortunately CGB seem to have changed their site. You used to be able to research the content of their catalogues (of which Jetons XX is one). I think they are intending selling these as electronic downloads, hence the reason why (possibly) they no longer appear to be accessible via their web site.


(edit) ..................A little bit of sleuthing later see this link:



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