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Unknown Medal

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This is a reproduction of a Hamburg Silver Double Schautaler (wedding thaler) 1650 61mm.~ 57.11g


Obverse: A well dressed bride and groom being blessed by Jesus. The bride is wearing a crown with long braided hair. Just over Jesus should be a hand holding something, what I am not sure...it doesn't show on yours.I am not sure what the meaning of the inscription is but some who knows German might be able to help: WAS.GOT ZUSAMMEN FVGET.DAS SOL KEIN MENSCH SCHEIDEN.


Reverse is Christ, his mother, and the bride and groom sitting at a table. A master of ceremonies is holding up a wine glass in a taost. In front of them are 6 amphora. JESUS CHRISTUS:MACHET.WASSER.Z.WEIN.CANA.GALI:IO:II.


Germany: Hamburg - AR Double Schautaler or Marriage Taler - c.1650

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