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A Bit Suspicious Of A Coin I'm Trying To Identify, Appreciate Help


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Hello everyone,


Thank you for looking. I bought a job lot of unidentified hammered coins and have been working through them. Most are very poor quality Tudor coins but after much searching I think that one of them is a William 1st Penny from the Rochester mint.


I'm a bit suspicious of this coin because it is in much better condition than the others. I've tested it chemically for silver and it is positive. It's diameter is 18mm and it weighs 1.52 grammes. I've attached some pictures of it and would appreciate any views as to it's identity, veracity and value.



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I believe it is a coin (PAX types silver penny) of William I (the conquerer). I cant read it but the moneyers name should be on the reverse which would say where it was minted.


I cant say to much on the authenticity.

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Thank you for your reply Drusus,


From 'Spinks' I think it is the Rochester mint but I think the coin is a replica. I've got dozens of hammered coins that I've found metal detecting and the detail on this one is just a little too sharp for a coin of it's age. There is some wear on the coin but it is not evenly spread around the coin. It is also a little to bright although it could have been cleaned at some stage in the past I suppose. All in all, I am reluctant to list it on E-Bay unless I am sure one way or the other.

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Kudos to you for erring on the side of caution, wish more people did the same. I have some hammered coins where the detail is rather sharp so I don't know if I would go by that.


This one in particular is with little doubt authentic:




It was one of a group of coins handed down to me by my great grandmother...although I dont know its history or how it came to be in her possession.

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The small 'trefoil'-like mark on the obverse to the left of the portrait is something which I have seen on hammered fake coins before, namely Elizabeth I pieces. But this piece has either been deliberately 'aged' and worked. Again, it's hard to tell from photographs alone.

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