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I'm Collecting world coins I only started around six months ago.

Since its been an epic learning curve.

I have gathered many coins from all different countries around the world.

My main focus is on Raw coins from the 19th century.

The benefit at this stage is the fact you have many coins to hand, to learn about and get a feel for grading and research.


Sometimes I wish I only focussed on one country its difficult to research all countries and there history thoroughly.


By traveling and through searching being given coins and also purchasing them.

The bonus being in all the hundreds of raw coins you look at if you do your homework there are gems to be had, and rare coins to find.


My questions are:


What is the future of coin collecting?


Is it better to find medium grade medium value coins by the hundred?


Or is it better to save for the expensive graded uncirculated coins?


I suppose its a personal preference.

I would rather have hundreds of coins in nice grades quite collectable.


Rather than one or two purchased slabbed coins.


And the hope of trawling through hundreds of circulated coins provides hope for finding rare coins.

As I said I have many worlds, I may just have you want and vice versa. Like a swap for example.


I hope to make a spreadsheet detailing every coin I have with an attached photo

And as much info about each coin as possible. I have a real passion for French coins. And have started buying 16th and 17th century coins.


Many thanks for reading my post.



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Hello and welcome to CoinPeople. Interesting questions, but as you've said, it all depends on what you like. Instead of a spreadsheet you might consider some of the programs/databases that have already been created. I don't use any right now but some of the folks here do. Why not try a poll and see what comes up.

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If your passion will last longer you may observe your collecting budget and focus changing, as every focus sooner or later becomes boring and expensive.

I once decided to collect without clear focus but specialized on some areas of interest.

When my eyesight started to degrade and my interest to look at small objects decreased i found coin photography and magnification technologies on computer screens as a remedy against loosing motivation to collect coins.

Spreadsheets are a good starter to compile data, pictures and related info.

Uploading these data to web-based communities or databases will show and exchange your collection and experience worldwide with other people sharing the same passion.


What is the future of coin collecting?

I´d be glad to know the answer. Just my humble opinion: Rare and interesting material will stay rare and expensive, gold and other bullion noble metal plus silver will survive many other investments and present currencies.


So find YOUR special mix of safety and investment on the one hand - and affordable collection growth on the other hand.



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thanks for the response.

interesting information.


At the moment my "special mix" seems to be finding nearly uncirculated modern coinage from France. From 1900 to 1950.

If im lucky I pay no more than 30 euro cents for most coins. in AU/ UNC condition. This way you dont see your collection grow quickly and there is much work

involved. However its cheap. For example I bought a 1924 1 Franc for 30 euro cents from the same person most of my coins come from.

The coin is listed at over 100 euros in BU graded condition here in France.


My previous question i suppose directly relates to this.

In fifty to a hundred years theses coins bought for nothing then graded and left 60 years

Would potentially be sound investment and with really small investment, well apart from your time ofcourse.

For me collecting coins is something I enjoy to combine working with enjoyment is pratical for me.


You dont have to look to far to find the Gems.

So on weekly basis im finding between 2-10 Uncirculated coins.


I really like the Krause publications but purely for ID purposes ONLY on random world coins.

Recently i have spent a long time focussing on French coins, its probabmy because Im living in France however I plan to move to Berlin next year,

Im quite excited with getting started in Germany, see what I can find!!!!!!



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Germany should be a lot of fun to collect. I have a number of old German coins and enjoy them very much. Many can be found in "junk bins", especially at coin shows. Best of luck and keep us updated on your finds and such.

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