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  1. Another interesting fact for the whole series of 1/4 Ecu aux 8 L 1690 - 1693 with all the different ateliers there was only two varieties of which coins were struck on new planchets. One of them being the 1/4 Ecu aux 8 L 1692 9 rennes. Somehow do you think there is a chance someone made an error? Another interesting aspect my coin has a different crown then any other example i have seen. I have edited a picture so you can see clearly. The only other ecu coins i have seen with the same crown design is Louis D or gold coins.. many thanks
  2. Frank, since we last spoke i have seen two seperate dealers in france both of which have produced books with 1693 1/4 Ecu aux 8 L listed. Also with the original figure of 36,000 examples. maybe the earlier copies dont include this information.... On this basis im now reluctant to submit the coin to PCGS in fear of it being a run of the mill coin in poor condition... anything to add?
  3. For the three years this series was minted, from 1690 to 1693 49 varietys exist all of which are marked as - fr = flan réformé (reformed) there is just two years where its marked as (fn=flan neuf) (new) and only one marked fn which has recorded mintage; 1692 (9) Rennes - fn ( ? examples) 1692 (9) Rennes - fr ( ? examples) 1693 (0) Riom - fn (1,754 examples) 1693 (0) Riom - fr (11,380 examples) Considering my example shows no restrike evidence Is there a connection?? the fact one year before in 1692 they were minting coins in this design in Rennes on new planchets. Is it
  4. oh noooo just noticed this comparisson coin is a Demi-Ecu aux 8 L, 1er type (9) its infact is a 1/2 Ecu and not 1/4 Ecu. So that means that there is currently no other examples on the internet that i can find myself of the 1/4. Below is information from this website; http://www.albertis.fr/catalogue/index.html its shows no listing of the 1693 1/2 Ecu either. I 1/2 ECU aux 8 L Argent Poids officiel: 13,725 g 32 à 35 mm Gadoury:184 Valeur indicative en euros 1692 9 ? fr 50 100 280
  5. OK so I have arranged an appointment with PCGS. I was trying to wait before becoming a member so I had a chance to accumulate more higher quality coins. It seems difficult to distinguish the grades at the higher end. Over the last six months I have had thousands of the same coin variety through my hands. Its been a long process and a steep learning curve. But I'm left with 40 ish coins I'm certain or I hope will score MS 60 or higher. And I'm a bit worried about coins grading lower than I expect. But I suppose that's part of learning. I have recently acquired a 150W strip light i
  6. Thanks for your advice and help. When I receive the coin back from PCGS I will post the information here. Thanks.
  7. A. Yes, its 28mm and weighs 6.6g!
  8. Here is a list of threepence coins im looking to sell or exchange. Some are worn, more VF+ Some Uncirculated. All the coins are in 2x2 coin holders. If anyone is searching for any of these years feel to message. many thanks 1896 -1 1900 -1 1902 -1 1912 -2 1913 -5 1915 -3 1916 -11 1917 -12 1918 -12 1919 -8 1920 -3 1921 -5
  9. Theres a picture in this post: French coin 1693 1/4 Ecu HELP PLEASE in Europe Started by davebob, 18 Jan 2013 1/4 Ecu 8L 1693 9 Rennes I cant upload more for some reason...
  10. Hi the website below confirms what you say Frank! Any ideas where to find more information. Value?? http://www.albertis....ogue/index.html
  11. Here is the only over coin I can find similar to mine. http://www.ma-shops.com/saive/item.php5?id=9614&lang=fr
  12. Hi Frank, I had a look at a copy of the Gadoury. I found the coin listed as below. - 1693 1/4 écu aux 8 L (9) rf. 36,000 examples. And no other mention or note of 1693 1/4 écu aux 8 L (9) ------ examples. I think were looking at different books, mine was from the library so i dont have it to hand to confirm. Is this something suitable to send to PCGS in Paris? many thanks
  13. Ah! Ok. Thankyou for clearing that up. So given the evidence, the comparison example has been 'restruck' from an earlier coin. And my example started life as a blank planchet in 1693. The fact that coins were restruck in this manner, surely There's no way of knowing how many of a certain variety still exist today?
  14. Hi, If this example isn't a restrike! Can we conclude its an original! I would imagine that makes it considerably scarcer. Unless ofcourse its a fake. Thanks.
  15. And also happen to see one of your interest is French Jetons. I have an example which dates from the early 17th century. I will upload a few pictures. I'm not sure of the base metal, its not in the best condition. But its an interesting coin. There is still enough detail to identify it. Thanks again.
  16. Hi Thanks very much for offering your time to help. Taking into account the condition, what affect or what does it mean if there is no Restrike evidence. Does this make it more collectable? Is there anyway it could have been some sort of trial example. In the most simplest terms is there a difference between restrike and repunched?? Many thanks.
  17. Hi thanks for your response. I have only been able to find one other example of this coin. For sale. It is listed for 420 euros in the condition below. This is why I'm trying to find out the mintage figures. With a coin minted 1693 and what I think to be 36,000 examples minted. How many are left today? Any information would be very useful. I appreciate it really doesn't work like this BUT the below is listed 400 euros in that condition how does mine compare. Any ideas of a value? Thanks.
  18. Hi, Can someone please help and confirm the amount of coins minted For this year. 1/4 Ecu 8L 1693 9 (Rennes) I think its 36,000 but I can't confirm it. Any information would be great. Also if anyone has a rough idea of a grade? Worth sending off for grading or not!? Many thanks in advance.
  19. Anything like this..! Its from 1693 1/4 Ecu 8L 9 Can anyone confirm the number of coins minted for this year? The number 9 indicates its from Rennes?
  20. Hi I found this coin today amongst many others. Does anyone have any information about this series of coins or the best place for information. I payed next to nothing for it!! Trying to get an idea of a grade and value! Would it be worth getting this one graded professionally. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. many thanks in advance.
  21. Hi, thanks for the response. interesting information. At the moment my "special mix" seems to be finding nearly uncirculated modern coinage from France. From 1900 to 1950. If im lucky I pay no more than 30 euro cents for most coins. in AU/ UNC condition. This way you dont see your collection grow quickly and there is much work involved. However its cheap. For example I bought a 1924 1 Franc for 30 euro cents from the same person most of my coins come from. The coin is listed at over 100 euros in BU graded condition here in France. My previous question i suppose directly relates
  22. The original image here I can zoom in and see the duplicated denominations. It most clearly obvious on the tips of the C there is Four impressions.. Any ideas how this error was created? Thanks
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