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MI 464/77. Cashiobury Counter. 1725.

Armorial shield of the Earl of Essex within the Garter of the Order of St. Andrew, with its motto, Nemo Me Impune Lacessit. (No one provokes me with impunity.) Coronet, supporters, and motto of the family, Fide Et Fortitudine. (By faith and fortitude.)

Rev. Inscription, Jetton De Cashiobury.

1.25. AR. AE. Rare.

On the 2nd February, 1725, William, third Earl of Essex, was elected a Knight of the Order of St. Andrew(also known as Knights of the Thistle), and it was probably soon after this event that this jeton was struck. It was intended for use as a card counter.


Part of that old estate is now a park and the name has changed slightly to Cassiobury. In the summer of 59 when I was just a young boy of thirteen I met a 12 year old girl in Cassiobury park(we both lived just a few minutes away) we hung out together for a couple of weeks as friends, then did not met again till we were 14/15 & started going steady. We have been married now for 46 years but met 53 years ago.


In a Baldwin's auction in 2004 one of these "Nearly extremely fine and rare. £60-80"..... well this year someone came across a box of 18 of these &, instead of releasing them slowly over time, began to list them all together on ebay as "buy it now, 18 available" the first few went for 30GBP each, then the price began to drop slowly some at 17GBP, 16.50, 15 etc I only paid 12GBP for 2 of them, yes 6GBP each!. Here is the second one, which later when the price has recovered & I sell it should easily recoup my cost for both including the combined shipping. Here endeth the lesson. Happy New Year.



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I love the crest, but it is second to the wonderful story. Congratulations to you and your wife, such a long-term relationship should be celebrated.

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You should be endowed with the title of `Honourary Scot' for that particular purchase.


Another excellent addition to your growing collection. Well done!




I'd happily take the 'Honourary Scot' title seeing as it was both such a great deal & it being for the Order of the Thistle! Happy Hogmanay Ian.

Pat, that's a nice jetton and the story of how you met your wife really warmed my cold New York heart.


Happy New Year!

Thanks Hiho, Happy New Year.

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