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A Post-Christmas Challenge - Help Identifying Childhood Roman Coin Collection


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Hello and welcome!


If you could provide larger and more closely cropped pictures it may assist in identifying as otherwise we'd only be able to provide very general attributions, if any.


These are off the top of my head so may not be the most accurate


#2 c. 350, probably Constantius Gallus, "Fel Temp Reparatio", Soldier spearing fallen horseman

#3 c. 320s, probably Constantine/family, Campgate

#5,6 c. 360s-80s?... Emperor dragging captive

#7 c. 337, Commemorative of the founding of the City of Rome (issued in conjunction with a coin establishing Constantinople as the new Eastern Capital)

#8 c. late 330s - early 340s. Commemorative of the Death of Constantine (depicted veiled). He's riding in a quadriga towards heaven as the hand of God reaches down to him

#9 Emperor dragging captive?

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