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Need some ID help with two coins from Asia


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The first is a 20 cent from Kiang-nan...I believe the date is 1901. The obverse has quite a few die cracks and what appears to be a cud cause by a broken die under the word Kiang. The V in province looks like an upsidedown A, which can be found on coins from Szechuan, but I've never heard of this on a coin from Kiang-nan. On the bottom of the dragon's jaw, there are three large dots. Is this a counterfeit coin, or is it a known variety?







I believe that the second coin is from Japan. It's about 23mm in diameter and fairly thin. Any ideas?




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The first piece I'm not familiar with specifically, but I think it'd be a good candidate for TPG. Either genuine or a contemp. counterfeit, which would still be interesting.


The second is a Japanese type, yes. 4 mon?

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the second is a Japanese Kanei-Tsuho, 1-Mon. Tiger-Tail "Kan"


Very probably: Gembun Era, Kemeido-Sen.

Issue date 1737-1739; Edo-Kameido Mint, Musashi Province


Greetings from Germany


ps: all 4-Mon pieces have waves at the back. (japanese for waves: nami - therefore the Name: Nami-Sen for 4-Mon pices.)

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