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a couple of Extremely Rares


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you know, when you get lucky


found in my dealers massive load of pennies he used to have got it for peanuts (or mere 10 pence)

Satin lists it as XXR (Less than 20) - it is a satin 19

Gouby (BP 1860 T) rates it as R8 (11-50)

the key thing here is the mising : after D


1699 TERTVS error - probably not as rare as the above, but listed in books as Extremely rare

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This is the reason I still love to shop in junk boxes and on ebay in lots especially. The more you learn and look, the more likely you are to find something of unnoticed value. I found a 1743/1 Russian overdate denga (I believe, without looking?) which I bought cheaply to begin with then discovered the overdate which made my day.

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