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2 sets of 100 running order $100 Orchid series Singapore notes


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Hi, I'm new to this forum and created an account to specifically ask this question.


Recently we opened my grandmother's safe and found 2 complete stacks of 100 running order $100 Orchid series Singapore notes in uncirculated condition.


Can anyone give an estimate of its value?


Thank you.

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I'd find some white gloves and HANDLE with care


There are 4 Different types for the Orchid Series


This is from Standard Catalog of World Currency of Modern Issues


A) Without red seal. Signature Lim Kim San - 1967 $400

B ) Red signature Type 1 at center. Signature Dr. Goh Keng Swee - 1970 $2000

C) With out red seal. Signature Hon Sui Sen - 1972 $400

D) Red signature seal Type 2 at center. Signature Hon Sui Sen - 1973 $250


just a guess on a value i have 1 my self but it's only worth face value

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Disclaimer: I do NOT own a 100 orchid note.


I would suggest contacting Mavin or maybe someone like John Pettit (he's out of Sydney, Australia) who can, at the very least, put you in contact with a Singapore expert.


My first inclination is that IF you sell them, sell them as a group or two groups, one for each stack. Reason being that if you try to piecemeal them out 1 by 1 you could single-handedly destroy the market for these notes - that would be bad for you and bad for anyone who has invested in them. If you break them up I wouldn't be surprised if you only get a fraction of the quoted values each because you will have just made the population much larger than previously known, unless you do it over a very long period of time (like, 10 years or more because you have so many). This happened to the Swiss 1000 and 500 franc notes from the '70s at Memphis a few years back - guy had hundreds of them and wanted full retail - didn't sell a single one at that price. If you sell them as a group I suspect that you will make more but it won't be in the range of $400 or $250 x 200 - unless you have the Swee notes - then you could be talking serious, serious cash. I could be wrong about all this but that's what my gut is telling me.

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Actually, I think rbethea's advise is sound and still holds true. If I were a collector of straps or stacks, I would still take a nearly intact one, especially, if that stack is reasonably uncommon.

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