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Chinese, Yunnan 1949 communist banknote.


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My latest chinese banknote. I've found out that it's a banknote or bond? from Yunnan province 1949. Issued after the communists? "liberated" Yunnan.


That is about all I've found out.


Please help me with more details.




Kopia av Bild 183.jpgKopia av Bild 184.jpg

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It appears to be a "circulating certificate" for "half open two dimes" (??)


Thank you

半开 = halfopen. Do you think I can translate that with not official (semi official) ?

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I think that it may be a reference to redeem-ability of the note.


I am not familiar with the minor currency situation in Yunnan at the time, unfortunately.

Thank you CCG! I've noticed your enormous knowledge of chinese currence at the forum, so this must be one of the very few areas that you don't have full knowledge of.

I've searched the web of information mostly in chinese and don't find much. But there must exist some litterature of this.



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This is a circulating note of the Peoples Bank of the West Yunnan Liberated Area. Notes circulated in 1949 and 1950. In my collection I have the complete set, 1,2,5 jiao and 1,5 yuan.

(1 J. orange, 2 J. Blue, 5 J. red, 1 y. purple, vertical format, 5 y. light green, nearly yellow)


The expression 流通券 (liu tong quan) simply means „circulating note“, and was used to indicate that these notes could be used to pay debts, taxes etc. as real money.


On the note shown here there are two red square seals with some characters in seal script. The right one reads 滇西解放區人民銀行董事長 (dianxi jiefangqu renminzinhang dongshizhang) = West Yunnan Litberated Area Peoples Bank- chairman of the board, the left one reads 滇西解放區人民銀行總經理 (dianxi jiefangqu renminyinhang zongjingli) = West Yunnan Liberated Area People’s Bank – general manager.


The expression (bankai) refers to the silver standard as used in Yunnan. The expression “bankai” also occurs on several other notes issued by the province of Yunnan. In English there does not exist any equivalent expression, so it might be best to translate it as “bankai silver standard”.



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Thank you Erwin. I appreciate your answer very much! I found the square seals all too difficult to translate - so for that information I am especially happy.





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