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  1. Hi I've got two coins that I suppose are Umayyad coins. Need some more help. I will post more pictures. I do have problems uploading more pictures. Eken
  2. thanks I also prefer the square holed cashcoins. For the same reason.
  3. Hi Could this beautiful antnose coin be genuine? Regads
  4. Hi the chinese cash is minted in Baoding , Zhil 1747 - 1796 .
  5. Hi I would be very happy if anyone could help me with this coin. 25 mm 4,5 grams Niclas
  6. I managed tp identify one of my tibetan coins with help of this site; http://home.hccnet.nl/jwm.sanders/index.htm good luck
  7. If you know the chinese charcters for different numbers, you can tell wich year it is. Your coin says 4 10 9, that is year 49 after the revolution 1911, that is 1960. As it is the starting point of the republic, you won't find years after 38 on mainland China, when the communists had the republican Chiang Kai Chek and his followers to run away to Taiwan. The republican party kuomingtang continued it's republic at the Island with Chiang Kai Chek as head of state. Therefore Taiwan continues to use this timeline.
  8. Hi everyone. I've got this banknote Uganda 1000 shillings 1999 P-36. Nothing strange with it and a banknote I got while travelling in Uganda 2000. The odd thing is that at the website Banknote museum it says that 1999 years P-36 existence is doubtful. After I saw that I tried to find anything about this on the net but couldn't find anything. I checked Standard catalogue of world paper money there it doesn't say anything else but the four different years printed included 1999. Do anyone know more about this banknote?
  9. Yes I am definitely on the fake idea at the moment - don't know hoe I could go for the genuine idea at first.
  10. I've been looking at it more closely and detect several details that isn't like the ones I can compare with at internet. It's no "fishscale" inside the number one. And several charcters differ. fake? But while making a fake - do such a big mistake as misspelling cent???? strange.
  11. Got this interesting coin and can't find any information about it. One cent 1912 ( first year 元年) but with error one cint. As usual with chinese coins i doubt if the coin is genuine, but I do think this is. Anyone know something about this error? Regards Regards Eken
  12. Sounds good for me.Thank's for helping me out
  13. Hi I've got this 6 groschen coin Prussia/Brandenburg 1683. I don't like the appearance of it and suspect it's a replica. What do you think? Niclas
  14. Hi everone. I have this coin that I suppose is a Sang Pyong Tong bo coin. and it might be from Seoul mint Chinhgul. But I haven't found anyone that have the number 7 (七) as this one. Can you help me? Am I totaly wrong? Eken
  15. I noticed too late that there is a forum for fake coins. I should have listed this post there. Sorry for that.
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