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Fake or real, e-bay bought? You decide...


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Bought coin from e-bay Spainish seller. Believe its fake, another coin dealer preaty much agrees. The size, a tinny bit bigger (round) than U.S coin, same thickness, weight is about 8 grams. It doesn't sound silver when dropped. What is it?, and should I send it back, have 45 days...The seller didn't say imitation, made it sound authentic. Alexander the Great, Herackle on obverse and Zeus, father with septer, eagle/hawk on throne in reverse. In Reverse, notice the u shape on the left, and no mint marks under chair. Mark from

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Thank you Scottishmoney, I've since had seller agree to accept this fake coin, returned for a full refund. I've learned my leason on ebay and warn new comers on the pittfalls of ebay frauds or any other coin transaction fakes...In fact, if you look closely to hercules/ herackles right shoulder you can see a little sauder spot from a recent addition to the coin. Great catch and I appreciates everybodys advice.

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