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Hey guys, as you can see I'm new here.


I really want to start collecting coins as I'm terrible at saving money & i think coin collecting could be a good thing to invest my money in.


Id also really apprieiate any help you guys can give me on how to look for fakes and where the best place to shop around is =]

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Hello and welcome to CoinPeople.


I'm sure lots of folks will be along to give you the standard warnings that purchasing coins is NOT an investment but a hobby and one must be very very careful. OK That said, since you're new and considering purchases for investment as well has hobby you need to decide on a few things.


1) Length of investment ---


2) Personal desires -- do you have particular series, etc that you prefer. What about gold, silver, commems, etc.


3) If you are considering moderns I'd suggest you consider only certified coins until you get very comfortable with grading and telling fakes, etc. on your own. Pick one of the majors PCGS or NGC and stick with them for all your purchases. Join their boards - use the free membership until you decide what you're really into. Post and read. Get some books -- purchase, library, borrow from friends and read read read. Hit some shows - don't buy - observe.


4) Think about a local coin club and maybe the ANA.


Above all -- have a great time.

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Thanks for the reply =] i suppose really it's not so much for an investment for me, but something i can pass on to my kids and maybe they can onto their ect.


And at the moment the coins I'm mainly interested in getting is US Dollars and other such US coins, being from the UK though the only way i can get hold of them is on ebay, lol, which is why im asking if anyone knows any good places online to buy/bin on them

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Well you've definitely got long-term in mind and that's probably the best way to profit on coins. There are a number of terrific companies both on ebay and on their own sites. I collect US Moderns with a specialty in Jefferson Nickels and Roosevelt Dimes. These are not considered very exciting by many collectors, but alas I like them. By the way the prices on these two series have risen substantially in the past three years.


I have my favorite dealers but that's based upon the type of coins I buy and the quality that I desire. I'm working on Proof issues for both series. Certified by PCGS or NGC. The coins are not all that expensive but postage to the UK might be rather high. I think it best to pass this thread to some of the folks who are already in your neck of the woods and see what they recommend.


Best of luck with whatever you decide.

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Welcome! Just a note to keep in mind that if postally importing from abroad, VAT may be levied on packages exceeding £15 in value, and in addition, there's also a Royal Mail handling fee of £8, so you may wish to combine purchases since paying the £8 fee on a package that just exceeds £15 in value would make your purchase much more expensive.

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Welcome to the forum! :art:


Coin collecting can be a great investment if viewed as a long-term alternative investment but you have to do your homework and have a lot of patience. It is possible and there is a vast amount of enjoyment to be had in it.


I hope you enjoy your stay here.

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