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Help With 1844 Swedish Throwing Coin


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I've recently found this coin in a small collection of coins I had.


I have managed to find a few pics and very little information about it online but any more would be helpful.


My pictures aren't great (camera not set up for closeup and detail shots) but I hope they will do.


I believe that it was a "Thowing" coin issued in 1844 for the death of a Swedish King.


I'd be very interested in an idea of it's value aswell, I think it is silver.





Cheers guys


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Hi there


Maybe you already got some answers...


You are right this is a "throwing" coin for King Karl XIV Johan, at his funeral 1844.

Only 3200 was minted and it's 69% silver of 6.2 gram.

I searched swedish ebay and found one piece, sold for 50 euro.



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I have seen them in catalogues listed as "largesse" pieces but maybe "throwing" coin is more how they are described in Sweden. They were listed in old Krause catalogues in 1980s because when they were made in 19th century some found way to circulate like a coin. These pieces were also made in symbolism in Scotland, as "touch" pieces or mere commemorative medals. I own one that was given out by Charles I at his Scottish coronation in 1633, allegedly he had one made of gold that he kept as his own piece.

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