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The future of money, determined by mobile phones and society


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I wasn't too sure where to post this, so I just put it here. If a mod can think of a better place, please feel free to relocate it.


This is a Video of an RSA talk concerning the above topic. It is a nice talk about the history of our modern money and the reason that this guy thinks that money is destined to change its method and form. Nothing too new idea-wise, but interesting nonetheless.





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last month i was out of coins at my work place and no cash-changing machines + bar closed on saturday


then i found out that i could get an orange bottle drink from a vending machine by approaching my smartphone after i made a phone call (vending machine sending some location-code information i guess) and then push the button of my drink


and dadam, drink cost put on my mobile balance


same story at a train station with snacks, but this time with a text message


very useful indeed

like someone said some years ago, creditcard, virtual world, smartphones services etc to kick out coins and notes, but what they calculated wrong was the period, it will take a lot longer considering the distance between the richer and poor(er) societies to adopt all the needed instruments.

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