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HOLY ROMAN EMPIRE, TIROL, Ferdinand, 1564-95, thaler


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I have some thaler from HOLY ROMAN EMPIRE, TIROL, Archduke Ferdinand, 1564-95, no date :





I tried to find some reference to this coin, but I failed.

This coin have a weight 25.7 gr.

Please help me to find some reference to this coin.

This is link to bigger photos:




Thanks in advance,


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Hello and welcome to CoinPeople. Great looking coin. I hope someone can give you some of the info you're seeking.

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Davenport catalogue would be the most common reference for Archduke Ferdinand Thalers. There are also Austrian specialized books on the Hall mint coinage, but they are not easy to find.

There is also enough reference on-line. Here are a few links





There are many variants of this Thaler, but the important thing for you would be that all of them weight about 28,4-28,6 g, almost 3 g more than yours.

There are other very suspicious things about your coin. The surface has many bubles on it which could be seen inspite of the attempts to scratch the surface and mask them. Bubles usually represent evidence of the coin not being struck, but cast. Also thin lines in the letters of the legend are often invisible on your sample, which happens with cast fakes because liquid metal doesn't get well enough into the finer details of the form.

The black crust on your sample could not have appeared in a normal ageing process on the good silver from which original Thalers were struck. One could think that your coin suffered from fire, which might probably explain the black crust, but hypothetic fire does not explain the greenish verdigris coming from copper content, which is higher than was allowed in the original Thalers. Fire would also not explain the lack of 3 g of metal or absence of finer lines in the legend. To sum up I would say that your coin is a fake.

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