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  1. Scottishmoney, thank you for the answer ! I find some interesting link about fake mesembria coins : http://www.snible.org/coins/mesembria_fake.html
  2. Hi, Is this coin is authentic ? Thanks in advance, Anatoly
  3. Hello, Can you help me please to undentify the follow coin: Thank you in advance !
  4. Hi Andrey5, Thanks a lot for a full answer !!! I post that same question on other forum and people from that forum also concluded that this coin is fake. Will try to return it to seller . Art1.2 and KurtS thanks for your comments : ) Best regards, Anatoly
  5. Hello, I have some thaler from HOLY ROMAN EMPIRE, TIROL, Archduke Ferdinand, 1564-95, no date : I tried to find some reference to this coin, but I failed. This coin have a weight 25.7 gr. Please help me to find some reference to this coin. This is link to bigger photos: http://i1139.photobucket.com/albums/n558/tolanetz/Austria/austria_1th_s1_1.jpg http://i1139.photobucket.com/albums/n558/tolanetz/Austria/austria_1th_s2_1.jpg Thanks in advance, Anatoly
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