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I don't have many coin copies but I do have a few. Personally I consider them exonumia and see nothing wrong with having them because I like the design and I'll probably never have the coin that they represent. For example I have a copy of a Fugio Cent. It's actual size and weight and done in copper. The copy was made by the Gallery Mint Museum at a FUN show I attended a few years ago.


What do you think? Have any to share with us?



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That is nice!! I used to have a white metal continental dollar (probably made in the 70s when a whole bunch of stuff was made for the bi-cent), but have no idea where it is. It was one of the few times I intentionally bought a copy.

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I managed to buy most of the coppers that Joe Rust and Ron Landis created during their heyday. I have the complete set of 1793-6, and then the 1799. My favourite is the 1794 starred reverse. In the past I would buy them in duplicates and keep a few as pocket pieces but invariably I lost them over time.


One thing I have noticed since GMM is no more is that the pieces have done well price wise, collectable in their own right.

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