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Large Die Break

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I'm still wondering if it was an accidental break or a die "cancellation" and then the die was reused. The line is very straight across the face for it to be accidental. There's nothing the spans the die in the area that would seem to cause an undue weakness in one part vs another.

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Let me pose a few questions about the "Die Break" and please don't beat me up as

I am only bringing this up for discussion.


I was looking at the pictures and noticed a lot of dark spots that resemble porosity.

Now, I know that photos can be deceptive so my interpretation may be in error.

Has it been established that this coin was "struck" with dies or is it a cast medal?

The "die break" looks more like a "mold" break or erosion to me.

I would also think that that a cancelled die would have more distinct (sharper) tooling marks.


Like I said fodder for discussion


At any rate an interesting Medal for sure!

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