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I have a 1944D penny, how do I tell which one it is.


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Hello. I'm a English collector and know and collect british coins and I come across US coins all the time and I was wondering if this 1944D wheat cent was anything good. The book says it has 3 different types, but not how to tell which ones which. Thanks, Tom



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Hard to tell from the pictures for sure but it looks like it's worth about ten cents. Even as a gem uncirculated it would be worth $4. [my source: 2011 "Red Book"]


What I cannot find in my book is three different varieties of 1944 D cent so I will hedge at least until I know what your book is talking about.

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Steve, I think what what he means there are 3 1944's the philidelphia, denver, and d over s.


Only way to tell if it's a d over s would be a better picture or close up of the D. You can also check here and just plug in the date and chose denver to see if there is something special on the coin.

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That thought crossed my mind, Mark, but Englishpicker specified 1944 D. If you are right then you've answered his question. If not... well lets wait to see what Englishpicker has to say.


Hi Guys. sorry for the lack of info in my statement. The mint mark looks kind of funny maybe damaged dye, doesn't look like stamped over, I'll try and get a close up shot of it. so there was a double mint mark then one over the other.? I've ordered the red book and cherry picker guide because my worlds coin book doesn't go into too much detail. Also If you wanna see some of the US coins I pick up check out my you tube channel at: http://www.youtube.com/user/greenwooddesign/


Thanks for your help

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