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  1. Hi. I just picked up this really nice double struck Dollar. I'm not sure if I paid too much, so just wondering what you lot think the value might be? Not that I'm going to sell it, just putting my mind at rest.Thanks, Tom
  2. Hi. I bought this at the weekkend from an old guy who was selling off his collection. Any ideas how this could of happened as only one side is doubled. The coin weights right, not magnetic and is the correct size and thus I'm 95% sure its not a fake. Also What would be a value on something like this, as I'm not sure if I paid too much. Thanks, Tom
  3. I picked up this really nice 4 ducat coin the other day, so I thought I'd share it with you all. Its a 1915 restrike and is in ok shape with only a few hairlines.. I'm not sure if I'm going to keep it or flip it yet.
  4. It would have been nice if it was a CC , valuable coin. The reason why I collect US and canadian coins becasue UK dealers don't know as much about them. Thus you can get some better deals I feel.
  5. The guys in the UK forum didn't like this coin at all. I'm a real fan of the morgans myself.
  6. I'm quite new to collecting and becasue of fakes I've stayed clear of morgans, but this one weighted right, smelled right and looked right so I went for it. Paid £30 for it, which is around $42 dollars. Not sure if that a good deal or not, but I'm just glad to have a nice example in my collection, based on my low budget.
  7. Thought I'd share it with you lot, I'm a picker and I've just got a nice rainbow toned 1890 morgan dollar. Let me know you think. Tom More pictures to follow....
  8. Hi Guys. sorry for the lack of info in my statement. The mint mark looks kind of funny maybe damaged dye, doesn't look like stamped over, I'll try and get a close up shot of it. so there was a double mint mark then one over the other.? I've ordered the red book and cherry picker guide because my worlds coin book doesn't go into too much detail. Also If you wanna see some of the US coins I pick up check out my you tube channel at: http://www.youtube.com/user/greenwooddesign/ Thanks for your help
  9. Hello. I'm always on the look out for any error coins in England,just not sure of US error coins, I've ordered the cherry pickers guide but do you think this Nickel is a error coin? Thanks, Tom
  10. Hello. I'm a English collector and know and collect british coins and I come across US coins all the time and I was wondering if this 1944D wheat cent was anything good. The book says it has 3 different types, but not how to tell which ones which. Thanks, Tom
  11. wow you guy don't pull any punches. Thanks for your honesty and help. I'll prob get more if I sell them in the U.K because there less commman to see. T
  12. Hey thanks. That makes sense. Do you think it worth anything?
  13. There's really no trace of the number 4 at all. its not like its been filled off, its really clean looking.
  14. Hello I picked up this and some other wheat pennies this week (see other post) and this one was in there and I'm not sure if its a minting error or not and if so whats the value of it. Thanks, Tom
  15. Some steel wheattie's 1943 1943D and 1943s. I have about x2-5 of each.
  16. Some nice ones here : a 1941D, 1940, 1938, 1963, 1946 nickels a 1940 penny a 1920, 1918, 1929S buff nickel
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