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California Admission Day Medals

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I'm involved in a discussion about California State Seal medals on a specialized forum covering so-called dollars. I thought I would also post the images I am creating here as well.


The first image is part of a discussion about who might have created the 1890 Admission Day medal. The medal appears in a L.H. Moise catalog, but it was made before his company was formed. Again, there is more to the story, but I'm only summarizing here. I suggest that the dies were actually made in the east and include the use of the die for a piece struck for a Philadelphia dealer as an example. I know that west coast firms ordered tokens and medal made in the east as well as producing them themselves. I suspect the die used for the medals pictured here as well as the production of the medals actually took place in the east, probably Chicago, but I am actually not certain where.



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