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19th century political gen george washington medal token help please NEW MEMBER!

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Hello everyone i am new member from Boston,ma. I just inheritad a coin from my great grand father, that his father had and now i got. its a 19th century political medal/token of some sorts and thats all the information i could find on it. I am having trouble finding a value and more information on this beauitful token/medal, i've seen similar medals like this Abraham lincoln on ebay and online on some coin stores it was going for $275.00. Can someone please help me!!!??? i would greatly appreciate it.

my cooin 2.jpg

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Hello and welcome to CoinPeople. Nice medal. I don't know much about these and have no reference works that cover them. Hopefully some of the folks here will be able to provide a bit of information for you.

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It is difficult to say without seeing the reverse side of the medal. However, I am guessing it has the Lord's Prayer on the other side. If so, it has a catalog number of Baker 650A. Baker is the definitive work on Washington medals. The 1999 edition of the catalog list a value of $10 for a medal in the condition that you appear to have. I would say today's value maybe slightly higher, but not much higher.

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