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The Great Quarter Quandary


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Today, I decided to pick up one full box of quarters (2,000 coins) to survey just how many of the Territory/Park quarters are out there. Here is what I found:


1976-P: 5

1976-D: 5

1987-P BU+




D.C.-P: 7

D.C.-D: 2


Puerto Rico-P: 1

Puerto Rico-D: 0


Guam-P: 2

Guam-D: 0


American Samoa-P: 4

American Samoa-D: 0


Virgin Islands-P: 3

Virgin Islands-D: 0


N. Mariana Islands-P: 1

N. Mariana Islands-D: 0


Total: 20 (1% of total)





Hot Springs-P: 2

Hot Springs-D: 0


Yellowstone-P: 2

Yellowstone-D: 1


Yosemite-P: 2

Yosemite-D: 0


Grand Canyon-P: 0

Grand Canyon-D: 2


Mount Hood-P: 2

Mount Hood-D: 0


Total: 11 (0.55% of total)




1983 Panama 1/4 Balboa




As I expected, I did not receive a visit from the silver fairy; all coins were post-1965. There were several uncirculated state quarters mixed in. On average, each roll was about 50-75% state quarters.

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I have never searched dimes or quarters and probably never will. For me lately nickels are the draw - the Jeffersonian census stuff started my madness there - in one box a Buffer, three War nickels, early Jefferson S-mints etc. The find to coin ratio is higher than cents, and much better than dimes or quarters ever will be.


My last half search was a complete bust, $320 worth and zilch. My luck there has gone.

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I will probably not search quarters again; this was just too expensive and all I got out of it was a few upgrades/additions and a small handful of scarce coins. For the most part, I think I discovered that 2009 and 2010 quarters do indeed circulate, although few of them show any significant signs of wear or handling.


The ATB quarters are probably on the fast track to extinction... more people seem to be aware that these coins are difficult to find, and the distinctive finish on these coins makes them stand out enough to be easy to spot. I've had a number of the cashiers at my work keep them because they "looked different." That is usually a bad sign. The fact that I've begun seeing commercials for these coins "For just $19.95!" is just one more nail in the coffin of this series.

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I think I have seen some 2009 quarters, but no 2010 quarters. I have only gotten a 2011 dated coin just yesterday - I sent my son into the mini mart to buy a drink for his track meet and he brought my change out and there was a shiny new dime. Has to be the latest I have ever seen a new year's coin. Earliest was early February, but I was right near the Ukrainian mint in Luhans'k when I got some 2009 dated coins.

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After I took the remains of my last cent box search from Monday morning back to the bank this morning - cashed out the coin machine slip and asked for halfy dollars. Yup, just loving my brand spanky new BU 1968-D :evilbanana:


Gawd I love silver, nothing like getting a coin worth $5.50 for a mere 50 cents.

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Don't fret about the ATB quarters, they are scarcer than a hen's tooth in circulation - I think I have only gotten a few of the 2009 dated territorial quarters in change. Sure nothing later dated.

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I personally am sick of them fooling around with the quarters. It was fun when it was states, but now the environmentalists have taken over, and will never ever let go. When I heard that the secretary of the treasury was given legal authority to _repeat_ this ATB series once it was done, I threw up my hands and wonder if we will ever issue a "normal" quarter again.


This program was rendered retarded from the get-go, because they decided every state got to have something in the series. We will be seeing "national seashores" and "national wildlife refuges" from some states, and monuments from others. By which I don't mean National Monuments like the Badlands or Craters of the Moon, but rather, a statue somewhere.


We've already had a national forest. The only reason it wasn't laughed right off the quarters that bore it was it was Mount Hood National Forest and they chose to depict Mount Hood instead of the trees. (They also left "National Forest" off the legend.) There are western states with "National Forests" that contain no trees whatsoever, just desert scrub. Fortunately _those_ states will tend to have plenty of real national parks and monuments.


Kill this program.

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:offtopic: (always wanted to use this emoticon) which "national forest" has nearly no trees? just curious.


Sorry, Petrified Forest is a National Park, not a National Forest. (It was a mere "National Monument" when I was a kid.)


I've looked, and I cannot find a national forest that is _utterly_ devoid of trees but there are numerous ones that contain a LOT of treeless desert land like San Bernardino, Cleveland, Malheur, and Manti La Sal. So I may have overstated matters somewhat. But it's quite possible to drive through a "national forest" and see nothing (from the highway) other than cactus and scrub.

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All this yacking about quarters and I finally got a 2011 in change yesterday. In the past couple of days I have gotten three 2011 cents, two dimes and that quarter. It is from Glacier National Park in Montana and has something like a goat on it.

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