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Japan 1975 100 Yen

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I found this on Ebay a few months ago. It is a Japan 100 Yen Expo '75 coin. I have studied it quite extensively, and looks to be made of brass and not a plated coin. Looking at coins made in that era, the Japan 5 Yen coin was made of brass and is very similar in circumference of the 100 Yen coin. The 5 Yen is 22mm while the 100 Yen is 22.5mm. I was thinking a brass planchet accidentally stayed in the hopper when the 100 Yen coins were about to be minted. I'm also assuming that the 5 Yen coins do not get punched out until later in the coin production cycle, which would be why this coin doesn't have the hole in the center as the 5 Yen coin does. Has anyone ever heard of this error, or know anyone else who has one of these coins. I would think it would be a pretty big error. Any thoughts on what it would be worth if real?


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