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Help Me Identify this 1799 Liberty Coin


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Hi, I acquired this coin from some old man selling it by the side of the road many years ago. the weird thing is that on the front of the coin, there is the bust of a woman, saying LIBERTY 1799. But strangely on the reverse,there are Spanish words, saying HISPAN ET IND REX. I have for many years thought of this coin to either be a fake or a genuine misprint. Thus I am hoping for u guys to identify and appraise the coin( its monetary value). Attached below are the links of the photo of the coin.


Front of Coin: Front


Reverse of Coin: Reverse

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Thanks for the reply,,but is it worth anything ?


No. It's a rather crude fake, and not even properly done, being that the dies are mismatched.


DO collectors pay good money for this ?


No serious collector would pay any money for it. I can't say for others, but I don't want fakes in my collection, and I don't like seeing unmarked fakes floating around since they're not good for the hobby.


I guess the only way to know how old it is is buy CARBON DATING..


Carbon dating is used to date items with carbon (e.g. former living matter) - and is not applicable to metal objects.

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