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1972 USSR Mint Set?


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Is this a typical price for a 1972 USSR mint set? I just came across this auction and was shocked at the fact it ended at $260... is this really what they go for :shock: ? I couldn't find any other completed listings, so I can't compare.



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As gxseries will attest to, there are some rare and pricey sets from the USSR - they do get scarcer before 1974 especially. Then there are different packaging varieties, ie the holder the coins were placed in sometimes varied in colours and some are rare. Until the collapse of the USSR in 1991 sets of coins from there were treated like so much junk by coin dealers and practically all stuff was really really cheap.

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It's average for a 1972 mint set. I have not been keeping up to touch with the current prices but I am not too far off. The reason why early 70s coins are expensive is simply because there weren't too many 5, 15 and 20 kopeks made for circulation. Most collectors would have to break up mint sets to complete their collection.


Here is a price list that I made back in 2007 so it's almost 4 years outdated. http://www.gxseries.com/numis/sovietset/sovietset.htm


A couple of mintsets that I fail to add that is over 100 dollars is the 1983-85 mint set. Those normally hit 150usd easily.


Conclusion: if your dealer sells any of those scarce dates for really cheap, don't hesitate to buy them and sell them off.

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