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I don't think this is PMD, if not, what is it?


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Was looking through a recent small collection purchase, and this jumped out at me. I don't believe it's post mint damage, but it is very odd to say the least. The gentleman who assembled this collection appears to have pulled out a number of "odd" coins, quite a few nickels with doubling and die breaks. There's just a small amount of this phenomenon on the reverse at 2'oclock and between the 4 and the 5.







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It looks like something was dripped or dropped on the die prior to striking. I would call this an error coin and not post mint damage. It could be failures in the plating, but it looks like something actually resting on the surface of the die to me.

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It couldn't be on the die, because it's raised. So it must have been something on the planchet or in the plating.

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Links to my original pictures are broken, but this is a CCN article featuring my coin that was discussed here. This is in the latest edition (Feb28-Mar 12, Vol 49, Number 23) that I picked up at the show this weekend, but didn't page through it until today! A great surprise for sure.




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