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Auctions with Russian coins & medals in April 2011


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Coming auctions around the globe in April 2011


If anyone wants to add one/few other auctions pls do so !



April 02 Ponterio & Associates, Baltimor, USA

April 5-8 Noble Numismatics, Auction 96, Sydney, Australia

April 07 Hong Kong Coin Auction 50, Hong Kong

April 09 Finnish Numismatic society auction 378, Helsinki, Finnland

Aptil 09 Russian numismatic House Auction 12. Moscow, Russia

April 15 Auktionhaus H.D. Rauch Auction "Numismata" Vienna, Austria

April 15-16 Schulman numismatics b.v., Auction 335, Bussum,Netherlands

April 16 Poznański Dom Aukcyjny & Podlaski Gabinet Numizmatyczny, Auction 14, Poznan', Poland

April 16 Monety i Medali Auction 68, Moscow, Russia

April 16 Conros Monthly Auction, St.Petersburg, Russia

April 18 Heritage Auction Galleries, Auction 3014, USA

April 23 Numismatic-investment company NIKO, Auction 7, Moscow, Russia

April 24 Imperia Auction 15, Moscow, Russia

April 27 Dr.Busso Peus Nachf, Auction 403, Frankfurt on Main, Germany

April 28 Karl-Heinz Cortrie GmbH, Auction 62, Germany

April 29 Kiev numismatic auction, Kiev, Ukraine


P.S. Internet auctions 24/7 with russian coinage:




P.S. All dates of auctions taken from sixbid.com, m-dv.ru and private calls :yes:

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+ Auction "Imperia" # 15 April 24, Moscow

+ Monthly April Coin Auction Conros, St. Petersburg, April 16. (check it out, there's gonna be a good one! http://auction.conros.ru/anons/)

Thanks, added both :)

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+ Noble Numismatics Important Australian & World Coins, Tokens, Medals & Banknotes, Sale 96, 5–8 April 2011, Sydney (http://www.noble.com.au/auctions/search/?q=russia&sale=96&c=&s=)

Thanks, added :)

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