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  1. I guess they'd start in september. UBS auctions usually take place in september. http://sincona.com/ says they will provide us with more information in May.
  2. Do you have a link for May 12 World-wide of California, J F Elmen, CA, USA, please?
  3. There're also some Imperial Russian Coins http://www.sixbid.com/nav.php?search=russia&p=viewsale&sid=377&s=b Hong Kong Coin Auction 50 added: sorry, didn't see you have it on the list
  4. + Noble Numismatics Important Australian & World Coins, Tokens, Medals & Banknotes, Sale 96, 5–8 April 2011, Sydney (http://www.noble.com.au/auctions/search/?q=russia&sale=96&c=&s=)
  5. + Auction "Imperia" # 15 April 24, Moscow + Monthly April Coin Auction Conros, St. Petersburg, April 16. (check it out, there's gonna be a good one! http://auction.conros.ru/anons/)
  6. yes, there is http://auction-su.com/thumbnail.php?pic=uplimg/img_590074_0171aba8aa18160ab62cb477be232290.jpg&w=500&sq=Y&b=Y
  7. Thank you very much for the compliments. We're glad you enjoy and use our page Well, we're working on some improvement of our page now. By the end of the year the catalogue will be expanded, we'll add some more information, change the interface, add some more functions which we hope will turn out to be very useful for our users. After the renewal of the interface we're gonna fully translate our portal into english and some more languages so that it could be useful for foreign collectors and add a page on facebook to make a community and give the users an apportunity to track all the updates o
  8. I can add that this is a silver (925) medal, weight is 92,7 grams, d - 55mm, was made in 1972 at the Leningrad mint. It costs about 250-400 $ in great condition.
  9. http://www.m-dv.ru/catalog/id,5208/prohod.html
  10. Yeah, i see, but h.d. rauch actually specializes in public coin and stamp auctions, that's the reason i've mentioned this auction
  11. http://www.m-dv.ru/catalog/id,5208/prohod.html i'd say that it's pricy in good condition. xf-unc/xf was sold a month ago in warsaw, poland for about 500 dollars.
  12. By the way, you can also check out this auction http://www.ghcoin.ee/view_group.phtml?id=599 that was held on March 20 in Tallinn, Estonia. There were 140 russian imperial coins, some medals, some ussr coins and some of modern russia on sale.
  13. http://hdrauch.com/auction/coins/index.php?action=catalog&suba=list&catid=38&PHPSESSID=7de9c1e1726f97e292a2fef78ebb0795 there're some russian imperial coins and ussr coins at H.D.Rauch 9 E-auction held on March 24/25 2011. Nothing special, but still
  14. Public Negrini Auction is far more interesting than this one held in March.
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